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The Sunday Brunch with Graham Columb 17-10-21

4 days ago

This week: Old skool vs Future schools!   What schools in the past did that seems hilarious, or obsolete, or should've stuck around, and what might be dropped from our current curriculum- what might a school of the future look like?   Tune in. Hope in the Delorean. Talk it out!

The Saturday Afternoon Show

5 days ago

Listen to Jane and her Guests Simon Smith, Ed Vere, Vinny Dawson, and Philip Reeve as they talk about the wonders of writing and of children's literature.

The Saturday Morning Breakfast Show with Atlanta Plowden 16.10.2021

5 days ago

Join Atlanta as she discusses the differences in education and teacher training between the USA and UK with her guest, Dr. Katie Crabtree.

The Morning Break with Dorian Brown 15-10-21

6 days ago

P4C: The Return of the Philosophers! Dorian is joined by two heavyweights in the philosophy for children world Nick Chandley & Roger Sutcliffe. Expect rich discussion, deep thought and some nuggets of discourse that have the potential to make you reflect upon your pedagogy and educational philosophy. Nick & Roger carefully articulate their belief that philosophy in (and beyond) the classroom has the capacity to shape positive dispositions, build skills and understanding in our students, creating critical thinkers prepared for lifelong learning. We discuss Roger’s book ‘Thinking Moves A-Z’ which offers a definitive collection of thinking processes to frame discussions and give a shared language for metacognitive thinking. This was a fascinating and thought provoking discussion and an absolute pleasure to be part of! My brain hurts :)   Links mentioned in the show Dialogue Works https://dialogueworks.co.uk/  Thinking Moves A-Z: Metacognition Made Simple https://www.amazon.com/Thinking-Moves-Z-Metacognition-Simple/dp/1908901039  Roger’s website  https://philosophicalteaching.com/  Sapere https://www.sapere.org.uk/ Matthew Lipmann - Socrates for six year olds https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2B6661C0B0CF7C98  Teaching for Better Thinking, by Laurance Splitter and Ann Margaret Sharp https://www.amazon.co.uk/Teaching-Better-Thinking-Classroom-Community/dp/0864311435

The Late Show with Holly King-Mand 14-10-21

7 days ago

Conor Warren from Spark UK and Dr Jo Watkins and Polly Crook from The How People discuss how they are reaching into the classroom to support young people with their mental health and wellbeing.

The Twilight show with Lianne Lax 14.10.21

7 days ago

On tonights show, I spoke to Charlotte from CLPE about the power of picture books which is a programme she developed to encourage and up-skill teachers in the process of writing using picture books. I also spoke with Mrs Smith ( real name hidden ) about her hilarious facebook account that chronicles the daily lives of all teachers in any country and any year group .   #picturebooks #earlyliteracy 

The Drive Home Show with Seb Ventura 14-10-21

7 days ago

How should schools use #Teaching and Learning #frameworks to guide teachers , improve standards and ensure consistency? We discuss this, other areas of pedagogy and whole school change with my guest #Ian Tilbury   

The Morning Break with Tom Rogers 14-10-21

7 days ago

Join Tom for his huge rant about education system accountability in the UK. Tom is joined by special guest Zoe Enser who struggles to get a word in this week! (Teachers Talk Radio apologises to her!). Tom and Zoe discuss accountability mechanisms, who is accountable for what and why and where we should be trying to change things for the better. There will be a part 2 on this!

The Breakfast Show with Lizzy Swan 14-10-21

7 days ago

The Breakfast Show with Lizzy Swan on Teachers Talk Radio discusses behaviour management with Nikki Cunningham-Smith. We discuss gender bias when managing behaviour management in the classroom.   #behaviourmanagement #teachers #wellbeing #training #CPD #schools #ECT

The Twilight Show with Nathan Gynn 13-10-21

Wednesday Oct 13, 2021

We talk with Eddie Rollett & Laura Woods from Noadswood School about how we can help Early Careers Teachers (ECT) and PGCE students with workload, wellbeing and work-life balance. We discuss how toxic attitudes can have a negative effect on trainees and how mentors can work with new staff to improve teacher retention. 



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